Privacy Policy

GAP Communications - Privacy Policy
At GAP Communications, we are committed to preserving our clients’ and contacts privacy. Please read our privacy policy to help you understand how we use and protect the information with which you may provide us through this website.

What personal information do we hold on file?
Through this website, we may collect and retain the following personal information about you:

  • Name
  • Postal Address
  • Telephone and/or fax number
  • Email address
  • Details of your query

Why do we hold this information?
We use this information to:-

  • help us provide you with services which may be relevant to you;
  • let you know about important changes in the services we offer; and
  • keep you up-to-date with developments in issues which may interest you.

Your right to opt-out - From time to time, we may contact you by letter, telephone, fax or email with this information. If you would rather not receive material from GAP Communications, please contact us at the address below.

Passing your information to others - It is unlikely that we would transfer your details to any other person, business or professional firm unless you have given your consent. Should you become a client of GAP Communications, it may be necessary to pass your details to reputable third parties to ensure that you receive appropriate, high quality advice for your particular set of circumstances.

Data Protection Act 1998 - In the United Kingdom, the Data Protection Act 1998 gives data subjects legal rights to see the information we hold about them, and they have the right to correct any inaccuracies. We take our responsibilities as data controllers very seriously. If you wish to exercise any rights you may have under the Act, or if you have any queries generally about data protection, write to The Data Controller, GAP Communications, 55 Loudoun Road, Newmilns, KA16 9HJ.

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